CMAF Tournament Results – May 9, 2015

Congratulations to all our competitors, and thank you to all the families and friends who supported the team this year!

CMAF Tournament Results

Tarl GeeMens BB Point Sparring1st - Gold Grand Champion
Chris TrapnellMens BB Point SparringBronze
BB Weapons FormSilver
Alistair HolnessMens BB Point SparringBronze
Tiana WangLadies BB Point Sparring (15-17 yrs)1st - Gold Grand Champion
Nina KosikovaGirls BB Point Sparring1st - Gold
Jr. BB Forms1st - Gold
Jr. BB Weapon Forms1st - Gold
Kimberly MerchantLadies Adv. Point Sparring1st - Gold
Chambarra Mens DivisionBronze
Sydney PearsonGirls Adv. Point Sparring1st - Gold
Girls Adv. Forms1st - Gold
Under BB Weapons Forms1st - Gold
High Jump KickBronze
Marko MedeirosBoyx Adv. Point SparringBronze
Chambarra Jr. Adv.Bronze
High Jump Kick2nd - Silver
Leah PerizzoloGirls Adv. Point Sparring1st - Gold
Girls BB Point Sparring1st - Gold
Chambarra Jr. Adv.1st - Gold
Jr. Adv. FormsBronze
Aiden PerizzoloBoys Int. Point SparringBronze
Chambarra Jr. Int.Bronze
High Jump KickBronze
Gianyuan ZhangBoys Beg. Point SparringBronze
Chambarra Jr. Beg.Bronze
Simon KosikTigers Weapons Forms1st - Gold
Tigers Point SparringBronze
Chambarra TigersBronze
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